Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Cubano Boricua

Another successful salsa night under my belt. I'm currently in an improver's cross body salsa class but its almost over so I decided to branch out and try another style of salsa. Enter into picture: cuban salsa. . I've noticed that when I go to salsa clubs, people are always spinning me around in circles. Definitely not what they teach you in cross body where you move across the floor in straight lines. Cuban salsa also seems to have more flair, passion, and hip movements. Much more my style :)

After salsa, I met T at Milk and Honey where they were doing a free monthly event. Last night's event was a tasting of four new cocktails. They've changed their menu and decided to invite member's and one guest to try it out. I came just in time to try the last one. It was an interesting cocktail to say the least. Sorry I forgot to take pictures!

I was starvin marvin afterwards so we stopped at Pizza Hut. This is the second time in the past week I've had Pizza Hut (I hadn't been inside an actual pizza hut restaurant in the States in over 7 plus years). One would think it was my favorite food or something! Maybe they should add pizza as a food group. Just a thought.
Warm cheesy garlic bread. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuumy!!
Ehhhh just so so breaded chicken strips.
The hawaiian is back in rotation baby. It's probably my favorite pizza topping as of late. There's just something about that sweet and salty combination of the ham and pineapple. Makes me very happy :)
Whoever invented this dessert is one smart cookie. heh heh. Get it? Warm baked cookie dough dessert? Oh lordie. It's still too early. Chewy, buttery, chocolatey goodness all over my spoon. Such a simple and amazing tasting dessert *if you're a fan of chocolate chip cookies*

I opted for something a bit more healthy this morning.
Vanilla yogurt w. blueberries, almonds, goji berries, and muesli.
Wholewheat toast w. fried egg and flaxseeds on top.

Off to the gym! On the agenda: Legs

RIP Elizabeth Edwards. You were one brave soul.

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