Monday, 6 December 2010

Bachata lotta

Last night I went to my first meet up alone!! Meet up is an online community where users can join social groups based on hobbies and interests.  I recently joined a salsa group hoping I could make some new salsa friends :). Score! I got a freebie salsa lesson and I learned a new dance. We do some bachata in Zumba classes so I figure it's also research for my soon to be career.

Veggie eggrolls w. unpictured sweet thai chili sauce
Ready made Bigham meal: Indonesian chicken over rice. Hearty and satisfying. It was nice to eat in after a busy weekend of dining out.

Breakfast this morning: I decided to cut into our mixed berry soda bread that we bought at the Taste festival this weekend.
This bread is sinfully good. I don't care if it's vegan. It doesn't equal healthy. It can't possibly taste that good and be healthy.
Two large slices for me 
Off to get registered at my new doctor's office. O goody ;)

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