Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Dog walker wanted

We're currently looking for a dog walker to walk Noma while I'm doing my personal training program. I met with a woman this morning and there were a few things that rubbed me the wrong way.
1.) She came with a sketchy looking male friend who she said walks dogs with her. Uhm.. okay, thanks for letting me know prior to meeting me?
2.) She didn't "look" trustworthy. Okay. I judged. Don't hate me. She looked like she came from the other side of the park. You can decide which park I'm talking about.
3.) When I asked for references, she looked at her phone and pulled up text messages and told me to call "these people".
4.) Neither she nor the man seemed to know how to pet Noma. If you're a dog walker, shouldn't you know how to handle a dog?

After I asked for references, she seemed quite eager to leave. So... it looks like we're back to the drawing board! Too bad my mother isn't around. She was a good caretaker and free! heh heh.

Workout: Arms

Post workout smoothie:

New muesli to try: Gluten-free Nutty Cranberry Maple. Made from crunchy corn flakes and rice crispys with mixed nuts and fruit. It had a delicious maple taste and there were plumb dried cranberries. It made for a perfect topping.
 Sweet potater seasoned w. Evoo, salt, pepper, and cinnamon
Mini chicken fillets. Excuuuse the dirty pan. I swear no matter how hard I scrubbed it, the caked on black stuff wouldn't come off!!
Side of mushrooms and spinach. Gotta eat dem veggies!
Huuuuge salad with chopped up asparagus, chicken breast, ranch dressing.

Song of the day: "Gold Digger"- Ludacris feat. Bobby V n. Lil' Fate

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