Monday, 8 November 2010

Fall Dinner Party

T and I are slowly working our way through our local pizza joints. Still haven't found "the one"
The pizza was alright. I compare every delivery pizza to Papa Johns and this didn't measure up. You know it's bad mediocre when I don't eat all the wings. I usually have a no chicken wing left behind policy. :P

Dinner party theme: Fall/comfort food. T cooked while I putzed around.
Seasoning of the brisket
 Lots of veggies for the vegetable stock
Roasted butternut squash
I helped out by chopping the peppers. Phew. A hard day's work!
Butternut squash soup before it was pureed in my handy dandy Vitamix
Seared brisket
This amuse bouche was supposed to be a twice baked potato but in my frenzy to clean up after T, I threw away the potato skins. Rookie error. DOH!! T'was delicious anyway.
Salad w. peppers, avocado, and mozzerella cheese. A simple dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a squeeze of half an orange.
They seem so intrigued..
Spicy butternut squash. Perfect soup consistency. It proved to be too spicy for some of our guests. Guess they don't have my unusually high tolerance for spice. :o)
Mac n cheese w. salami. My favorite course. So cheesy and salty. Mmmm...
Brisket with some sort of tomato based sauce on top.

Breakfast this morning: Toast w. a fried egg and grapes.
Someones trying desperately to sneak in the picture
Maybe if I get a running start...

I was sososososo tired this morning that I barely made it to Box Fit. Didn't help that it's cold and dreary outside. My umbrella was going all sorts of crazy on me. Glad I went to class but I didn't have much energy for today's combinations. Talk about the Monday bluuuuuuuuuuues.

Post workout smoothie:
Milk, yogurt, berries, banana, carrot, agave nectar, ice, protein powder
1 more week of freedom til my PT program starts.

Song of the day: Gyptian feat Nicki Minaj "Hold Yuh (remix)"

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