Saturday, 16 October 2010


Last night consisted of some R&R and a little bit of this:
I'm obsessed w. drinking everything in wineware!!
I really enjoyed this movie. Not your average romcom but endearing and an accurate portrayal of relationships and love.

Workout this morning was Body Pump class at the gym this morning. Moving to a new neighborhood also meant transferring to a new gym. I prefer this new gym so much more. The studio and cardio rooms are bigger and I don't feel like I'm running into naked women all the time in the locker room!! The only downside is that it is a little bit more than a mile away but since I've haven't been lacking for work out motivation, I'm not complaining!

Lunch today was at Nobu. What a treat!  I've been once before but I wasn't able to take pictures since it was a friend's family luncheon so I felt awkward saying "hey I don't know you guys but would you mind if I took pictures of your food?" :P
Yellowtail sashimi w. jalapeno
The sauce was citrusy and acidic w. a spicy kick at the end. The fish slices were pretty thin but the flavor amazing!
Tuna and salmon tacos
Whoever thought of putting raw fish in taco shells- GENIUS! A squeeze of lime on each taco and we're good to go.
Sashimi salad, rockshrimp tempura w. ponzu sauce, Black cod w. miso, oshitashi, vegetable spicy garlic w. rice, assorted sushi

assorted sashimi slices
Beef tenderloin wasabi pepper sauce
Happy 18th Birthday sweetie!!
Molten chocolate cake w. green tea ice cream
Any dessert that contains warm flowing chocolate in the middle is aaaight by me! Does the ice cream count as my daily green tea consumption? Okay maybe not but the green tea flavor was intense.  mmm.

Food coma.

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