Saturday, 30 October 2010

Runner's high

I awoke this morning determined to go for a long run. My body was craving that runner's high. You can't beat it on such a beaaautiful fall day.

Quick snack before I hit the pavement
I ran to Regent's park and all around.
The fall leaves are so colorful and pretty!!

My running time:
Mile 1: 9:04.25
Mile 2: 9:04.14
Mile 3: 8:53.50
Mile 4: 9:20.45
Mile 5: 9:19.60
Mile 6: 9:13.30
Mile 7: 9:08.53
Mile .46: 4:17.81
 Post run meal:

Ingredients: Protein powder, Life's greens, soy milk, vanilla yogurt, agave nectar, frozen fruit, a whole kiwi, ice
Why can't I ever cook an egg right!
I scarfed down this delicious mess
Afternoon agenda: Pick out halloween costume, salsa lesson, partaay time!

Throwback movie clip of the day:

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