Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Growing pains

I honestly couldn't run any more than that today. My shins started hurting within 5 minutes into my run. It didn't help that my normal running path was also shut down due to pavement repairs.

This is such bad advice but I've been running through so much pain since I've started this new hobby. First it was my hip, then my left foot, and now it's my shins. I know my body is trying to tell me something (obviously!) but I keep ignoring it because I can't stop and won't stop running. I'm still mulling over what to do with this lil sitch I have on my hands. :o)

It definitely feels like fall. The colors have changed here since my first run back in early September.

On to a different topic! I've become a grown up and signed up for a frequent flyer program. Exciting stuff. Can you hear the enthusiasm in my voice.
Mommy wow! I'm a big kid now!
Now if I could only mature other parts of my life...

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