Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Work it mo' juge it mo' pump it mo, Chi-town mo' let's go mo'

Kanye's Hanna's workout plan....:) New reading material!!
I'm digging it minus the awkward booby chick in the front. Honestly, I would have picked a better cover for this book. You would think its a book on how to check your mammary glands! 

Anyways, I'm hoping to develop some different weightlifting workout plans. I want to build more musssssclllles!! Variety is the key to stay motivated. I'm currently doing a Bozu circuit for a few weeks but intend to switch it up soon.
Am I adopted? I seriously asked my mom, uhm how often do you think you'll be listening to "Bird Songs from Around the World???" Granted its a discount book but you literally push a button to hear different bird songs. Wouldn't you get more from going to a park or something and listening for birds? A nature conservatory? A zoo?! Bueller?  It's almost endearing........ I said almost. We'll see how long it takes before the book is in the basement collecting dust.

Breakfast time!!
Fried egg and avocados on top of whole wheat toast. 

Once again, let me go into a little schpeal. I never liked avocados. I was the girl who always asked for the avocados on the side (to give to the person who wanted them) or just asked for my dish without it. Recently though, after reading about the many health benefits of avocados, I decided to like avocados. It was that easy for me. No obsessing over how bad it was going to taste or how I wasn't going to like the texture. I just said "I'm going to enjoy eating avocados" and now I really do. 

Never underestimate the power of your own mind. Believe in something wholeheartedly and don't let the doubts creep in. Try it with anything, whether it is with a new health food you want to incorporate into your diet or a new exercise program. Say to yourself "I will enjoy eating this" or likewise say "I'm going to be a runner" or "I will develop a stronger core". You'll be surprised at the many affirmations that come true.

I digress. Side dish at breakfast:
Yogurt w. bear naked granola. The texture was chewy. I'm not sure if I'm a fan yet. It's the healthy stuff but ya'll know how much of a fan I am of the crunchies!!
Snack on the way to the suburbs. I was dying to try Larabar's because thats what all the health bloggies seem to be eating. All natural ingredients. This one had ginger, cloves, almonds, and cinnamon. It was really gingery but I ended up still liking it. It always seems to take me a few bites with these bars before I really discover the flavor to be enjoyable. 

Dinner: Unpictured leftover pizza and some vino. Pinot Noir. My favorite! and no I didn't drink all that on my own. Some was drink drank drunk by my mom, some by me and perhaps some by the carpet. 
Ooops!! I'm so clumsy sometimes. Is there a full moon out tonight because I managed to spill wine on our carpet by just sitting there chatting on my cellie and another klutzy moment occured when I was sitting on top of the computer desk (don't ask) and I fell backwards on to the floor leaving a bruiser on my leg. At this rate, I'm safer in bed.

G'night Moon.

Song of the day: E-40 feat. Too Short and 50 Cent: "Trick"

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