Sunday, 12 September 2010

Taste of success

Seriously good stuff. All you could taste was peanut butter goodness and who doesn't love dark chocolate in the morning. The oats definitely softened due to the PB and almond milk. I'm not sure if it was the stevia or the pumpkin but it was just the right sweetness. The only thing is, I would use less milk. I accidently poured more than 1/8 of a cup and the cookie didn't turn hard at all but it was still spoonable and delish!

Afternoon activities:
I have a date w. my couch and this man
So what if he looks like a country bumpkin. I heart me some Cutler!

I'm thinking some of this is in order this afternoon. I love it when you call me Big Papa:
:) Sunday afternoons are the best.

Off to go run.

Side note: I'm running my first ever 5k next Saturday! I know it's not a lot but considering I never in my wildest dreams imagined running even more than 1 minute without stopping, this is legendary! (word to HIMYM)

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