Thursday, 2 September 2010

I'm back!

Movies watched on the plane:
and a few episodes of Entourage. All this entertainment kept me busy during the long 8 hour flight. I think I might have dozed off a bit here and there.

I was welcomed home by 80 degree sunny weather in Chicago and man O man am I digging this weather fo sho!!
I'm not sure if my mom was more excited to see me or Sonoma. I'm thinkin the latter.

As soon as I was picked up, I hopped straight into the drivers seat. I heart driving. I heart driving on the right side of the road! God I missed it.

Look at the mess!!
Time to get organized..

Snack was:
I love the fact that my mom has soy milk in her fridge. No need to run to the store! Mini chocolate chip cookies brought over from the UK :)

Lunch/Dinner w. my Momma at a local cafe in Rockford

I created a half sandwich combo with wholegrain bread, turkey, lettuce, onion, tomato, banana peppers, cranberry mustard, and havarti dill cheese. SO GOOD! I had 1/4 of the cookie. Too much indulgence for me today since I'm not getting a workout in.
This is their half salad and it definitely didn't feel like half. O how I missed you American sized portions as big as my head! Mmm...there were heaping scoops of pine nuts, tomato and feta cheese all drizzled in balsamic vinegar. They included some awesome fresh bread. I ate the healthy kind slathered in butta!!

My mom had the Ahi tuna salad. She thought it was good but they could have put more dressing on the salad.
Just browsing...
I'll just stick with the water :)

Song of the day: Usher feat. Jay-Z "Hot Tottie"

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