Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Finding Nemo

Dinner tonight was at Toro sushi. Hands down the best sushi in Chicago. At least in my opinion ;)
Agadashi tofu- sweet n salty broth with fried tofu
Scallops as big as your face and super white tuna. Everything tasted super fresh.
The Big Tex- You could say this roll was as big as the state of Texas. It fell apart on me though. I would have used my fingers if I wasn't with company
The Best of Both Worlds- Don't ask me what was in it because I already forgot! I was too busy stuffing my face. Big surprise
BYOB. I stopped drinking Riesling because I thought I didn't like sweeter wines but I was reminded tonight how good  Riesling can be. Mmm... thank you Napa Valley
Salmon and Hamachi
My first Vitamix smoothie: Almond Vanilla Breeze, strawberries (I blended the whole strawberry including the stems), ff yogurt, vanilla extract, stevia drops, and a couple handfuls of ice. For toppings I used dark choco chips, raisins, and  almond slices. Yummy!!

I didn't think this was smoothie itself was sweet enough but the toppings definitely helped.  We didn't have any other fruits in the fridge. I like the sweetness I get from bananas. This reminds me- time for a trip to the grocery store!!

I have a four hour spa day tomorrow. That seems unheard of, at least in my world. Facial, Massage, and Mani/Pedi. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. I have a feeling I'll figure it out.

Sweet dreams.

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