Thursday, 23 September 2010

Chocolate heaven

One on the left has walnuts, dark chocolate peanut butter dreams spread on it with unsweetened coconut flakes
The one on the right has dark chocolate chips with pecans in it.

Star ingredients
Needless to say, I'm drifting on a cloud of chocolate pillows. Mmm....

Before this breakfast, I ran to the gym and did some weights. I had to run to the gym because my parents left me stranded in Rockford without a car ALL day. Booooorrring.

Yup! Still loving on my toy
So many cool functions on this guy. One of them is that I can upload my data onto my computer to see my average pace, time,  heart rate, and calories per lap. I was obviously soooo slow today since my body felt like a huge weight after my strength training session.

What does one do when stuck inside the house all day? Looks like I'm going to have to be clever. More importantly, what do I make for lunch? :P

Throwback song of the day: Next "Wifey"

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