Monday, 27 September 2010

Catching up

Dad made shabu shabu last night
Ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins
Happy early Birthday momma!!

I needed this after the huge meal last night.
This salad was awesome. Candied pecans rocks my socks off!
Goat cheese appetizer with crusty chewy bread to dip.
Now that's a big pizza. I had three slices and was pretty stuffed..or maybe I was secretly holding out for dessert.

Prepare yourself for the greatest invention since sliced bread......Self serve frozen yogurt!!!!! Holy crap. I never knew this existed in Chicago.
Come to momma!!!
Look at how many flavors you can choose from. They also offer free samples. I tried the pistachio and didn't end up getting it.
Toppings bar
Honestly, how does one choose from so many options?
FroYO: cake batter, red velvet and reeses peanut butter. Toppings: sprinkles, cookie dough, pecans, crumbled graham crackers
I will definitely be making a repeat stop here before I go back to London. Snog's got nothing on this bad boy.

Dinner: Las Palmas (upscale Mexican in Bucktown)

Chips n' salsa!!

Guacamole made tableside. So delicious. Best guac EVER

Carrot and jalapeno soup. What an interesting combo that actually works!

$22 margarita pitchers. Not too shabby

Carne asada in chipotle sauce.

I'm stuffed.

Finally bought some cowboy boots at an awesome secondhand store called Buffalo Exchange.

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