Thursday, 26 August 2010


My zumba instructor cancelled sick at the last minute!! Little does she know I take a 30 minute bus ride to Wandsworth to take her class. Grrr... what a disappointment but not nearly a shock. She was 15 minutes late to the first zumba class she caught. I dislike instructor's that stroll in whenever they feel like it, being disrespectful of everyone's time. I digress.. I'm happy to say that my 25 minute powerplate class was a success as usual AND I was able to run nearly 7 miles, a personal best so far!

After my workouts, I picked this up to try:
Lucozade sport lite summer berries flavor only containing 50 calories for a boost of energy and re-hydration. I prolly should have drank it during my run but o well!! It was tasty.

Moving day is drawing near ladies and gents. Mucho boxes everywhere!
Packing isn't nearly as bad as I thought. Dare I say it's almost therapeutic?

All that running made me a hungry hungry HIPPO!!! I can't get enough of my greens. Mild obsession.

Superfood: Oranges.
Reading about this superfood reminded me how important it is to eat a serving daily of this stuff or its sidekicks such as lemon, white/pink grapefruit, kumquats, tangerines, and limes. I mainly thought of oranges as getting my Vitamin C intake but the book states that it can be a preventative measure against cancer, stroke, diabetes and other health ailments. They recommend eating whole fruits generally but you can use supplements as well.

Some extra tid bits-  It's better for you to drink OJ with the pulp instead of without (oops, I always preferred it without!). The peel of citrus fruits also has health benefits so zesting them onto dishes not only makes it taste better but its also doing your body good.

Song of the day: Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez "No me ames". Such a beautiful salsa song!

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