Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Notting Hill Festival

Before the mayhem...
Getting ready to start the afternoon!
the smell coming from this grill was amazing...
Wait.. I'm hungry..
Apparently the chicken is marinated overnight that makes it so juicy
Persian food!!
I wanted to see Samba dancers but unfortunately, I couldn't see!
She was just waving her sword around..
Aww.. I thought this guy looked so endearing.. but very out of place!
There were a ton of people dancing on the street to this dude. His voice sort of reminded me of the guy from the Prodigy.
This festival reminded me of Mardi Gras
The crowd was insane!

Gotta have the jerk chicken
Curried goat w. rice and beans
Curried chicken and noddles w. veggies
Coconut water. YUM!
A little machete action..
Sliced mushrooms, one egg and 3 egg whites
Oh yea.....Bon appetit!

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